Congratulations!  You’re likely here because you’re expecting a child, or planning to become pregnant soon.  Either way, you’re entering an incredible time of your life!

My name is Sonya.  My husband and I are blessed parents of three sons– all born naturally using the Bradley Method®.  After the birth of our first son, I became an affiliated Bradley Method® instructor in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  It’s my passion to teach this incredible childbirth method to expectant parents– how to stay healthy and low risk during pregnancy and how to have a safe, natural birth without unnecessary interventions and drugs.  My formal training is as a physical therapist, and it’s now my privilege to be a stay-at-home-mom!  I am also a La Leche League breastfeeding peer counselor.

Our Story — And Why YOU Should Consider Natural Childbirth!

Like many, Willie and I hadn’t given much thought to the type of childbirth experience we wanted until I was pregnant with our first child.  We first heard of the Bradley Method® from a cousin in Colorado, and  we delved into the subject and found a Bradley® instructor in Iowa City.  At that time, we were living in Marion, so it was a bit of a drive, but we decided it was worth it.  Once I had educated myself and understood my options, natural childbirth made such perfect sense. Giving birth is what a female body was designed to do.  We concluded that medications during labor and birth seemed to interfere with the beauty and simplicity of normal, natural childbirth.  The natural approach taught in the Bradley Method® resonated with us, and its success ratio of more than 86% natural spontaneous births was impressive.

For our three births, we experienced three different types of caregivers:  an OB-GYN, a family physician, and a certified nurse-midwife.  Two of our births were in a hospital, and one at home.  All three were beautiful drug-free births.   We were so excited about the impact the Bradley® training had on our births, we decided to become teachers of this empowering information!

From the start, the Bradley Method® helped us learn what “normal” really is, and empowered us to experience childbirth without medications or unnecessary interventions.  It is the most comprehensive and informative method I know of.   No other childbirth method has a proven track record of success like Bradley® in helping families achieve the birth they want.  I have abundant respect for the innate wisdom of the body — and deep appreciation for the natural design that God built into the amazing and beautiful process of pregnancy and birth.  Interfering with the natural process leads to unnecessary complications and interventions, while understanding, accepting and working with the natural process brings rewarding results!

And yet another added benefit of Bradley® classes is the development of a network of other parents-to-be dedicated to natural birthing and conscious parenting choices.  For more pregnancy and natural birth resources, please go to Resources.