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Well, January was a busy month!  Birthday parties, family visiting, Bradley classes, and many more good things to balance out the cold temps.  Congrats to my recent Bradley students who’ve had their little ones!

I’ll get started sharing some of my favorite baby products.  There are so many, it’s hard to even know where to start!  But I do think a good baby carrier is an essential for any new parents, so I’ll start there.  There are many options available, and I have a baby-carrier library available to my clients to come and try various carriers to find what works best for them and their baby.

My personal favorite for a newborn carrier, is a locally-made lightly-padded ring sling.   Currently, this sling is being made on a custom-order basis only, so you can contact Tammia directly (ltprotts @ juno . com) with questions and requests.** She asks that you provide the fabric (2 1/2 yards (for an average-sized woman) of light-weight 100% cotton fabric).  A great Iowa City fabric store is Home Ec, or if you prefer buying online (then you could have it shipped directly to Tammia), www.quilthome.com is a good source.  (Some of her favorite fabric designers are  Amy Butler, Anna Maria Horner, & Heather Bailey.  If purchasing online, it’s best to check with her before purchasing to make sure the fabric is suitable.)  Her cost is $60.00, with you covering fabric and shipping costs.

I don’t believe all ring slings are created equal- with the little differences being very important.  I like the adjustability and versatility of ring slings, and have found them very convenient for breastfeeding in while I’m out and about.  While some parents prefer non-padded slings, I’ve found the lightly-padded slings to be much more comfortable for me.  But keep in mind:  there are some padded slings that are not as adjustable as others, which is one reason I am particularly fond of Tammia’s slings.  I also like the pocket she puts on the tail of her slings.  Perfect for tucking in a diaper or small blankie or toy, or for turning inside-out and tucking the rest of the sling into so it will fit compactly into your diaper bag.  **Please remember that Tammia is NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY ACCIDENTS OR INJURIES that may happen with this product.  It is your responsibility, as a baby wearer, to practice safe baby-wearing techniques, and always check the stitching that holds the rings and the integrity of the fabric before each use to enure your baby’s safety.

Here are some other sling websites to check out.  (These are some lightly-padded ring slings that I’ve personally tried and liked) .

www.kangarookorner.com -much baby wearing info available here!
www.poshpapoose.com – cute designer fabrics & matching baby hats, diaper pouches, blankets

Best of luck finding that perfect carrier for you & your baby!  The benefits of wearing your baby are numerous.  If the first carrier isn’t the perfect match for you, don’t despair.  There is likely another one that will work for you.

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