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So grateful for amazing blessings in our lives!

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Happy Spring!  :)  For those of you who are new to my Purely Born blog, I taught Bradley classes in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota areas for about seven years.  And now, with my Norwex home business flourishing, I have chosen to pass the baton to new teachers in the Cedar Rapids/ Marion area, John & Sarah Halsrud.  The Bradley Method classes are so amazing and empowering– I congratulate you for seeking them out!!  They will not only make a difference in your birth… but in your life. I have been so incredibly blessed to impact many babies & families through my Bradley classes.  Call Sarah and John today! Email them at: or or phone them: 319.545.2393.

Within our busy, modern lifestyles, we’re constantly trying to find the somewhat elusive “wellness”, “balance”, and “simplicity”.  I know with a household of busy little guys, a full-fledged home business, and simply coordinating around schedules, achieving these three can sometimes be challenging.  I have been so blessed that Norwex provides me a way to be home with my children during the day, while still making an excellent income that really makes a difference for our family!  In fact, we don’t usually talk money, but when I replaced & surpassed my full-time PT income, I realized to a whole new extent what a gift this business can be.

Give me a call if you’re also at the place in your life where you’d love to be home with your children, while still contributing to the family budget!   605-271-1814


Sonya Eckel

Happy cleaning!

Friday, August 28th, 2009

I’m super excited about my latest discovery!  A company that offers simple, effective, environmentally-friendly, family-friendly products…. that *really do work*!  NORWEX.

In class, we talk often about removing chemicals from our homes and being cautious about what we’re cleaning with, to protect our growing babies.  However, the problem has always been that the “safe” cleaners aren’t always the effective ones… not to mention that they’re expensive!  I have countless number of partially-used “natural cleaners” that aren’t worth beans!  Vinegar & soda are always a good way to be “green”, and that’s what I was largely using, however they don’t always do the job, either.  So when I heard about Norwex cloths recently, I was skeptical.  But once I started using them, my skepticism quickly vanished.  These things really work- they WILL save you time & money. And the company stands behind them with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee!  Here’s the company website:

Because the Norwex mission, “to improve quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning”, resonates deeply with me, I’ve become a consultant.  As a gift to each of my customers/readers, I’m offering a free gift with your first Norwex phone order when you mention that you read about Norwex on my PurelyBorn blog!  You can check out my Norwex website for more info:   :)  Happy Cleaning!