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Fabulous Ring Slings- an essential for new parents!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

A while ago, I did a blog entry about some of my favorite baby carriers, but it’s now buried deep in my blog, and with me having a newborn again, I frequently get asked where I got my ring sling… so I thought it’s worth doing a “re-blog” on the subject!  :)

I believe that a good baby carrier is an essential for any new parents, and there are SO many options available that it can often be overwhelming!

I don’t believe all ring slings are created equal- with the little differences being very important.  I like the adjustability and versatility of ring slings, and have found them very convenient to breastfeed my baby when I’m out and about.  While some parents prefer non-padded slings, I’ve found the lightly-padded slings to be much more comfortable for me.  But keep in mind:  there are some padded slings that are not as adjustable as others.  I also like a pocket on the open tail of a sling.  Perfect for tucking in a diaper or small blankie or toy, or for turning inside-out and tucking the rest of the sling into so it will fit compactly into your diaper bag.  **Please remember that it is your responsibility, as a baby wearer, to practice safe baby-wearing techniques, and to always check the stitching that holds the rings and the integrity of the fabric before each use to ensure your baby’s safety.

Here are some sling websites to check out.  (These are some lightly-padded ring slings that I’ve personally tried and liked quite well): -much baby wearing info available here! – cute designer fabrics & matching baby hats, diaper pouches, blankets

Best of luck finding that perfect carrier for you & your baby!  The benefits of wearing your baby are numerous.  If the first carrier isn’t the perfect match for you, don’t despair.  There is likely another one that will work for you.  See my earlier post about the Beco Butterfly II carrier for older babies…  :)

So grateful for amazing blessings in our lives!

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Happy Spring!  :)  For those of you who are new to my Purely Born blog, I taught Bradley classes in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Sioux Falls, South Dakota areas for about seven years.  And now, with my Norwex home business flourishing, I have chosen to pass the baton to new teachers in the Cedar Rapids/ Marion area, John & Sarah Halsrud.  The Bradley Method classes are so amazing and empowering– I congratulate you for seeking them out!!  They will not only make a difference in your birth… but in your life. I have been so incredibly blessed to impact many babies & families through my Bradley classes.  Call Sarah and John today! Email them at: or or phone them: 319.545.2393.

Within our busy, modern lifestyles, we’re constantly trying to find the somewhat elusive “wellness”, “balance”, and “simplicity”.  I know with a household of busy little guys, a full-fledged home business, and simply coordinating around schedules, achieving these three can sometimes be challenging.  I have been so blessed that Norwex provides me a way to be home with my children during the day, while still making an excellent income that really makes a difference for our family!  In fact, we don’t usually talk money, but when I replaced & surpassed my full-time PT income, I realized to a whole new extent what a gift this business can be.

Give me a call if you’re also at the place in your life where you’d love to be home with your children, while still contributing to the family budget!   605-271-1814


Sonya Eckel

Perfect New-Mama Gifts

Friday, July 30th, 2010

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for that perfect gift idea!  Those of you who follow my blog know that I’m crazy about Norwex cleaning products, as they provide a super-effective way to clean and eliminate chemicals, while saving bucco time and money!  All things that every new mom needs!  (For more details on the Norwex products, visit

And now I’ve recently discovered Thirty-One Gifts- a fun thing to combine with Norwex for the perfect New Mom gift!  If you haven’t yet heard of 31 Gifts, check it out here:  They are fun and reasonably priced (& easy to personalize, too!).  I discovered this company when I was searching for the perfect diaper bag/ Mama-of-Four purse!  And the Cindy Tote fit the bill.  A Norwex baby towel set or Antibac Baby Body Cloths with some Organic Shea Butter are the perfect diaper bag stuffers/ baby gifts!  I also find that the baskets & bags are a fantastic solution to better organization…. another thing that most moms are grateful for!  These help you to establish “a place for  every thing” in your house-  a key to getting & staying organized!  Check it out!  :)  Happy gift-giving!

Sonya Eckel

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
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  Ready to have more TIME with your little ones?  Norwex allows me to stay home with my children while earning a full-time income.  I would love to help you start a business that can truly change your life… as well as the lives of others.  Call me if you’d like to learn more.  605-277-7570