Baby Carriers

I have a confession to make- I’m a baby carrier junkie.  There are so many great baby wearing options out there!  

One of my personal favorites of baby carriers once baby is beyond the newborn stage?  The Beco Butterfly II.  If you’d told me 6 years ago that I would become an avid fan of a “buckle carrier”, I would’ve told you “no way”.  I continue to prefer the ring sling for newborns (slings work great for toddlers, too– I primarily used my lightly-padded ring  sling with my oldest two from infant to toddlerhood), but I’ve found that my Beco Butterfly has more than earned its keep in our house!   We also have an Ergo Baby Carrier, which is also a great carrier, but the Beco has really become my go-to toddler carrier. 

What do I like about my Beco Butterfly 2?  I really like how it fits me- it has great lumbar support and great adjustibility, so both my husband and I can use it.  I also like how it works for babies from newborn to 45-pound toddler stage.  I appreciate that it can be used for front or back carry, and how you first secure the baby in it before putting it on your back- making it a no-brainer for any of us who are back-carry-challenged!  :)  It’s washable, and can be neatly rolled up and secured.  The snap hood attachment of the Butterfly 2 (as compared to the original Butterfly) is easier to attach.  The removable infant insert in the II is nice since you won’t need it for a very long period. 

Now granted, I don’t think it’s quite a cute as the adorable Mei Tai carriers that are available, because I prefer the look of ties to that of straps, but I am very impressed with Beco’s fun fabric choices, and I find the buckle straps to be more practical (no long fabric to drag on the ground when donning a mei tei or wrap carrier).  As far as cons of the Beco- well, I find it difficult to reach the midback buckle when I’m wearing my baby on the front, but I manage to get it done- probably a great exercise for shoulder flexibility.  It’s warmer than a sling in hot weather.  It’s difficult to nurse in unless you’re wearing a nursing tank. 

I stated earlier that I still prefer a ring sling for my newborns.  The main reason being that infants nurse more frequently & I find breastfeeding in the sling to be discreet and something I can do on the go.  I find it much easier to breastfeed an infant in a sling than the Beco, although it is also possible in the Beco.  I also like that they can be in the cradle position, as well as upright, in a sling. 

Lastly, remember all the benefits of baby wearing for you and your baby!  There are many great resources to learn more about the benefits of baby wearing, including Dr. William & Martha Sears’ book, The Baby Book, a great baby resource for any parent’s shelf.  Again, I have a thorough baby carrier library available to my clients when their bundles arrive.  Each person must find the carrier that best meets their specific needs.

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