Birth Throughout History

Throughout history, giving birth naturally was the norm not the exception. Birth was viewed as a natural life event, not a medical procedure. There was no fear, only confidence in a woman’s innate ability to birth a child.

The profound passage of birth begins the incredible journey of parenthood. The result of a positive birth experience should not be underestimated.

All too often, women relinquish the power of their birth to others. Interventions may be a more convenient… but for whom?

When we interrupt the natural process of birth, we risk causing unforeseen complications. Yes, there will occasionally be circumstances and complications that will prohibit a natural childbirth. And there will be situations requiring skilled medical intervention to save the life of a mother or her baby. With that said, the Bradley® goal is to help couples make routine medical intervention the exception, not the rule in their birth experience.

We believe the best way to have a satisfying birth experience is by educating yourself. No matter what setting you choose for your birth, decisions will need to be made. Without knowledge of childbirth, you may be limited in your ability to advocate for yourself and your baby and to make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and childbirth.

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